Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Garma Garam Georgia or Thanda?

Coke is trying to sell Garma Garam ( or Bisi Bisi), both meaning, literally, hot hot Georgia coffee in Bangalore. The hot coffee costs about 14 INR and the cold coffee is in the reaches of 20 bucks or so.

It is created out of a contraption that suspiciously looks like nothing more than a coffee vending machine. The outlets are like the fountain outlets where, really, there is no control on quality. So, for 14 rupees, I got a sugary watery concoction that passed off as coffee. The nearest thing that compares is the coffee one gets on long distance trains. Any more water and I would have to search for coffee in it. Other than this is the fact that the thousands of local Sagar restaurants offer authentic filter kaapi which is miles ahead of Georgia call it what you may, Golden roast or anything else. Therefore, if I want a quick coffee, I walk into the Sagars. The local Cafe Coffee Day and Baristas are there when you want to sit back and enjoy a cold coffee (among other things) in a cosy (almost) environment. It is also available at McD outlets, I guess, but unless the quality is significantly better, its not worth it.

So, why would I buy an outrageously priced, poor quality Georgia from a Georgia junction? Beats me.

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