Monday, July 18, 2005

Ice cream stats

What is it about ice cream that makes our mouth water? Everything.
So heres a post on ice creams. Heres some dope on what ice cream is ( Your ice cream may never ice or cream in it. It could well be a mixture of edible oils), as usual from Wikipedia.

Check out these sites for more fundaes on ice cream manufacturing and its ingredients. Theres also some fundaes on ice cream classification in the US.

Coming to the Indian market, Amul, Indias highest milk producing co-operative is now almost a leader in the ice cream segment. Kwality Walls is perhaps a distant second, though it may be a leader in the so called "premium" segment. All because of a simple funda, "real milk" and here. This is how the Indian market seems to size up. Reports from Businessline and rediff here. Mouthwatering they are, for both the consumer and the company alike.

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