Saturday, July 09, 2005

Konark temple - thoughts

The magnificient view of the Konark temple as one enters the site. It is not apparent right away, but there are two structures in the picture, a dilapidated main temple and the garbagriha behind Posted by Picasa

Got a chance to visit the 12th century Sun temple at Konark. While the entire state of Orissa (golden triangle, Chilika lake and much much more) has amazing tourism potential, this one temple alone can rake in the moolah if tapped properly. There is always a clamour for funds for maintenance of our heritage sites, but I cant understand whey with some intelligent marketing, the sites itself cant be used to generate the funds required for their maintenance. This temple, one of the heritage sites is actually in slightly better surroundings (a lawn, some security guards. etc), unlike many other forgotten heritage sites in India. But so many things can be improved.

A model of the temple (based on how it would have looked if complete), for instance, with the movement of the sun to see where the shadows were cast would be a great education. Better souvenirs is another marketing idea waiting to be tapped. The place is teeming with small shops that sell pretty substandard stuff. A Konkark t-shirt, a konark model encased in glass would sell like hot cakes. There is also a museum nearby which nobody visits. So how about selling a combined ticket for the two together? How about having some "official" souvenirs?

The temple in itself is magnificient and words and one post on a blog can barely do justice to it.

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sushilsingh said...

Konark Sun Temple is located , in the state of Orissa near the sacred city of Puri. The sun Temple of

Konark is dedicated to the sun God or Surya. It is a masterpiece of Orissa's medieval architecture.

Sun temple has been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO.
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