Thursday, July 07, 2005

Radio, great ads

As a self confessed ad maniac, I actually love watching/reading/hearing ads. The comeback of radio in its FM avataar has unleashed quite a few innovative ads. Since radio is sound sans visuals (surprise, surprise) the scope for creativity to engage the listeners attention is huge. The more engaging radio ads usually have lesser jingles and more of dialogues with some punchline.

One of the good ads being aired currently is Airtels ad for KBC-2. It is an entertaining one which features a random voice (amazing accent) interrupting the voice of a Guruji.
Then the HP ad of Gabbar Singh ('s voice) mouthing his famous "Kitne aadmi they" in English ("Children of a pig" is the best part of that dialogue) to get the point across on fake cartridges (something to the effect of only the original is a good one) is a surefire winner.
There was also an ad by Spice Telecom that used a mimicked voice over of ex PM AB Vajpayee, which delivered its point across ("take your time") very well.

Mimicking famous voices is not so much fun on TV, as it is on radio. The older crop of stars (ranging from Amitabh, Dev Anand, the late Raj Kumar to not so stars like the late Om Prakash, Asrani, Ajit) had distinctive styles of dialogue delivery and they are harnesses extensively for todays ads. Hinglish is also a big source of inspiration, as is tapori lingo (Munnabhai et al).

Enjoy your daily radio with ad-entertainment.

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Anonymous said...

Have you seen the KBC-2 ads on TV? They are pretty funny too