Thursday, July 21, 2005

Snack away

Snacks or Namkeens are a big market. Any surprises here? No. The market will continue to grow. Many years ago, namkeens used to be made at home only. Now, in the cities atleast, there are very few who make their own snacks. It has long since been replaced by the Haldirams et al. (Actually, I cant think of anything other than Haldirams that have a pan India presence). There is also a significant marked served by local brands in cities/areas.

One recent innovation of Haldirams ( and some others) has been "packed" Bhelpuri. Everything that is required in a Bhelpuri, sans the vegetables, are available in this pack. All one needs to do is mix it together and voila, Bhelpuri is ready. It is not exactly Mumbai ishtyle but if you are really starved for Bhelpuri, try it. Also sold by Haldirams are the traditional favourites like Mathri, Murukkus which were "made at home" until a generation ago. Hiding in the snacks market is a health snacks segment with low oil content etc. (at affordable pricing) that is yet to make a mark.


Jayesh said...

I have always wondered how Haldirams has not caught the fancy of the private equity investors.

Anonymous said...

Garden's was very popular until a few months ago in suburban Mumbai. I guess it was a well-market halwai shop, quality was consistent. But small shops stocking them couldnt sell them for months, so I think the company is in decline if not eliminated.


Anonymous said...

oh the packed bhelpuri is crappy in taste, you feel more frustrated opening each tiny packet and having to chop onions and inavailability of half boiled potato. So the local bhelwala is safe. I am sure it bombed out, the haldiram's things, except in town where no bhel walas are there as you rightly said.