Thursday, July 28, 2005


The Meterological department had no way of predicting that Mumbai would be facing a deluge on the 26th or so of July. Nobody seemed to have a clue and it was spread all over the blogosphere.

So, a friend of mine, decided to investigate as he usually does. So, our man inserted Mumbai into a certain website, familiar to those in the USA, and this is what he got. I recall that this site wouldnt work for Indian cities some time back, but now it does. Go to the home page, put Mumbai in the box and enter. Look at the amazing weather updates, including satellite pics (the kind we see in weather reports).

So, we did some more research for hourly weather reports on 26 June and this is what we got (ok, it doesnt say that there will be a deluge, but atleast it says something). Look at the data past 3.30 or so, and it says thunderstorms. Now, if only somebody put this out through FM or Railway station announcements or whatever, many people may have tried to reach their homes sooner, rather than get stuck in the deluge.

It is amazing that people (websites) outside our country know more than what we know or have access to, due to various reasons. In fact, my intrepid friend searched for Tezpur on the site and found weather on Tezpur. If Tezpur, is there, why not Cochin ( sure it does). If only our mobile service providers did something of this sort, free and added value to subscribers.


Anonymous said...

100 cms rains in mumbai - nver in the history has this happened and neither has this happned anywhere in the country. a thunderstorm with showers is what anyone from mumbai expects in july-august period. rather this is a norm.

this deluge can be considered under ' black swan ' event .. what say ????


Mandar said...

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