Wednesday, July 20, 2005

When the heavens touch the earth!

365 days of tourism for Kerala. In this piece here, check out how Kerala has converted its "off season" into "tourist season", with some Ayurveda thrown in. Monsoons are now being touted as the season "when the heavens touch the earth". (poetic!!)

Wow! That is one catchy slogan. If there is any place where the monsoon is a spectacle in itself, it is Kerala. The monsoon is thorougbred tropical monsoon. Rains that are not of the English (or Bangalore ) variety, but rain that comes down in torrents and sheets. Clouds that can darken the shade of day by a few shades of grey in a few minutes. Clouds, that can spell o-m-i-n-o-u-s as they arrive like an army in the sky. Tropical rain with thunder and lightning, the original sound and light show. When the rains subside, watch the fireflies perform in the dark. Oh, the thrill of monsoon....I could go on and on.

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