Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Cheap ketchup

For all the good food they serve, why is it that many restaurants serve cheap tomato ketchup? Margins, is the obvious answer and the fact that consumption can be pretty high if the ketchup is good. But considering that this is an important component of their entire service experience, why dont they serve good tomato ketchup? The food can be on the expensive side, so why doesnt it subsidise for good tomato ketchup? Why does ketchup have to be the garishly red-yellow, artificial, tasteless mess made out of kaddu(gourd)?

Coffee day express outlets are a case in point.

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denny said...

Why are famous restaurants using cheap and tasteless ketchup and condiments?
yes it is true that most of the restaurant are sacrificing on quality for price.

They should go for branded ketchups to support there regular foods.
Particularly taking about ketchups,we have Heinz Ketchup the world's best ketchups in India,kissan tomato ketchup, cremica etc.

Such small things can add huge difference to the outlet in terms of sales and customer satisfaction.