Saturday, August 13, 2005

Creak creak

Bombay has got a swanky new terminal while Bangalore has an apology for an airport (actually its inter state bus depot at Majestic is pretty good and almost better than the airport, if it were not for the airconditioning). Parking is insufficient, people break rules (alighting 90 seconds, it says, but there are people who have almost made it their home) and its wayyyyy too small.

But if you thought our international airport is going to take off soon, it will take a good length of time (measured in decades). Bangalores most loved politician also known as the grandfather of the soil expressed regret that the airport project envisages a lot of space to be occupied by things other than runways. Now that is a lot of land wastage. Why would an airport need anything other than runways?

The road to the proposed airport (and beyond) has been in the same condition for a few years now. It seems to be in some state of perpetual construction. There is a competition as to which will get delayed more, the airport or the road and as of now, competition is close.

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