Sunday, August 28, 2005

Harsha Bhogle, on India Empowered

Harsha Bhogle, my favourite commentator and a wonderful writer when he is not commentating, writes in Indian Express on what India Empowered means to him.

Heres the link and a snip

...But our federations do not like empowerment. It is a terrifying word for them for it conjures up ghastly images where words like excellence, accountability and passion haunt and imprison them. In this new India of freedom and achievement they are fortresses of feudalism and mediocrity. The chief of Indian hockey recently said that paying match fees to players who work very very hard to play for India is akin to bribery. That hurt. As much as it would to you if your successor enforced 98% income tax, 400% customs duty and nationalisation of Infosys and Wipro.

This is the ministry you are having to run. A man of vision, and in love with empowerment, forced to supervise an empire of darkness. But why should it be so? Would you make me your minister for defence? Would you allow me to run the All India Institute of Medical Sciences? Weren’t you an outstanding finance minister because you had a passion for it, because you were a nationalist? Asking somebody to become sports minister today, as you know, is like asking a star centre forward to become assistant baggage man. Why? Why can’t a sports minister be passionately in love with sport?...

And heres the entire series on India Empowered by Indian Express...

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