Thursday, August 18, 2005

i ticket, e ticket, Indian Railways

Indian Railways ticket booking website now offers e-ticketing facility. According to the website, the older method of booking a ticket which meant online booking and physical delivery of tickets, is called i-ticket. The new e-ticket is an online booking which lets you print and carry the ticket. A proof of identification has to be carried while travel though.

The best part of the e-ticket is online cancellation (i-tickets have to cancelled physically at a booking centre) upto 4-6 hours prior to train departure. Not sure if it has been extended to all trains though.

Update 18 Aug: It looks like the e-ticket has not caught on in a big way yet from this report.


nagaraj said...

Nice that you explained What is an I-Ticket and What is an E-Ticket. Nowadays lot of people prefer e-Ticket because e-tickets can also be cancelled online and your money is refunded to your account.

Dr. Rashi said...

Unfortunately Officers responsible to decide are not able to decide that I-Ticket should be discontinued. It can not be delivered all over India. It is causing confusion between E-tkt and I-tkt and no print can be obtained when required on loss of tkt. Also No refund allowed. WHY CANT YOU DECIDE THEN, TO DICONTINUE.