Monday, August 01, 2005

Kitchens of India

The ready to eat ( or heat and eat) market seems crowded these days. In this market, ITC has launched its Kitchens of India range. One aspect of this a heat and segment of some exotic vegetable curries and biriyanis. I tried a Mirch ka Salan and there was nothing so exotic about it. All these heat and eats (across brands) have an ever so slight peculiar taste that I guess comes perhaps from the packing (why it should be so, I have no idea) or the preparation technique. This brand has not been spared either. So, its not worth the premium price ( a little extra, yes, but double, no) that it charges as compared to other brands.

What is promising from this stable is its exotic chutneys and preserves. The chutneys start from simple tamarind and dates to mango and garlic (which I tried and it is differently good). The packaging is nice with an upmarket image to it. The preserves, which have exotic sounding names (Pineapple/Pepper, Apple/Cinnamon, Plum/Anise) sound exotic, but I havent tried them yet. Lets see how it fares.

One interesting aspect of this is that more than one producer has got into the heat and eat segment with DRDO technology. Its good to see organisations such as DRDO bring out such technology into the mainstream and make money out of it.


Kaps said...

Most of these Heat and Eat brands launched their international versions first and it is more lucrative.

Pillsbury and ITC are some of them who have tapped the overseas market.
the peculiar taste can be attributed to the kind of packing or the preservatives they use to maintain the life of the food.

Neelakantan said...

I think you are right. It has probably got to do with the packaging, since they claim to use no preservatives. Yes, these heat and eat brands are quite lucrative, and its tougher to crack the domestic market for them.

Rashmi Bansal said...

Kitchens if India jam is v good - better than St Dalfour even. Try the Apple and cinammon flavour.

I've tasted many different 'heat and eat' brands and the only dish I can recommend on taste is dal makhani. The paneer is always yuck