Wednesday, August 17, 2005

On campuses

A visit to the IISc Campus in Bangalore can be energizing. The verdant campus, (from wikipedia) is a treat for sore eyes, mind and body. The campus is packed with shade giving trees, flowering bushes and wildlife that thrives within them. The IISc campus, seems to exude a natural exuberance. There can be dry leaves lying around, a stray bush that grew someplace all by itself. Signboards indicate routes, names of trees and thats it. The campus seems loosely managed. So, is this a place where talent can flower, is unshackled ? (I am only extending the feel of the campus).

Cut to the modern IT campus. The modern campus (and anybody who has visited any of the modern software campuses in India will agree) is all that the IISc campus is not. There are well manicured lawns, bushes trimmed to the right size, there are golf carts to ferry visitors around, there is fancy lighting all over the place. There is not a single stray bush anywhere and if there are dry leaves on the ground, they are there because they are meant to be. There are cameras, sentries and signboards and what not.

Now my question. Do these campuses reflect the way of working of these respective places? Are these a way of projecting an image to the outside world?


Anonymous said...

iisc has produced execellent minds and these are ones running these big software companies. iisc is like a gurukul, students are pretty much confined inside the campus where they get all that they need and don't worry about the mudane day to day activities. You practice austerity in a gurukul, you need a peaceful place to do a research. Of course you need state of the art lab and equipments which iisc provides (just have a look at the cedt dept).
iisc is good the way it is, I have enjoyed my stay and have fond memories of it.

Anonymous said...

bushes and wild trees in IISc are not only meant for beautifying the campus, but there are many people who do research on plants, and insects and natural lives...they don't even kill a snake they catch them and leave them in remote places in the campus itself, there is no meaning in comparing IISc with Software companies dude! - my little opinion .