Wednesday, August 10, 2005

On School for CEOs

I came across an interesting advert in the Economic Times 2 days back. It was about the XYZ CEO school, apparently the best kept secret in business (some copywriter in a moment of brilliance, I guess). Its a 15 month modular program for high potential executives (who decides that?) with career paths leading to CXO positions (every career path leads there, who reaches is a different point altogether). It is open for executives with a minimum of 8 years experience and independent responsibility. Company recommendation is essential to get into this program. (Thats a neat way of ensuring that there is no headache of placements.)

But my point is that, do high potential executives have to be trained for 15 months to move up? Sabbaticals are rare in Indian industry, unlike say in America and Europe. Will this course guarantee that these execs are now good for life? How many of these high potentials already have an MBA? IMHO, a sizeable percentage. To me, it appears as if the program is clever marketing aimed at corporates who want to (re)(a)ward an MBA to some experienced employee. In an already crowded market of one year MBAs, this is one of the ways of differentiation. I wish the differentiation were more on some solid basis like research rather than marketing fluff like this.

Before I forget, the tagline is "We will redefine your leadership skills". If I am a high potential exec, would my leadership skills need to be redefined or honed?

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