Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Smart advertising!

On the Indian Railways website, was this cheeky ad today by Spicejet with the quote "Forget about long train journeys". I like both the cheekiness of the advertiser and the sense of humour of Indian Railways to let this be advertised on their site. Thanks Arun.


Ambuj Saxena said...
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Ambuj Saxena said...

Nice observation. But the link you provided is or http://irctc.co.in while the screenshot is of http://indianrail.gov.in

Please fix this inconsistancy.

You may delete this comment after it gets fixed.

Sinfully Pinstripe said...

Hey! Tried to post this bit with the original article, and failed. SO put it here. Apologies. The comment was:

As I had mentioned, there's nothing like a right answer in Marketing.

On that vein, I won't agree with the merc example. Won't the existance of a downmarket version of a rolex (a really common example in Bschools) reduce its la-creme-de-la-creme image, and thus negate the status needs of the consumer? An upmarket Timex, on the other hand, might not be successful (it didn't), but would not diminish brand value, per se.

And the increased sale that happens due to an increase in the number of variants keeps going lower and lower with every new variant at which point the consumer gets confused.
Is very correct. A line has to be drawn somewhere. The where bit is for anybody's imagination.

While These brands are not lifebuoy, which is a disinfectant soap., now here it is to be mentioned (though a bit off the topic) that Lifebuoy had had a history where initially being pitched as a disinfectant, it enjoyed limited popularity, and only when it was positioned as a good-smelling (ahem!) disinfectant, did it become the lifebuoy that it has become.

Neelakantan said...

Hey Ambuj, thanks for the tip. will change it.

Sinfully pinstripe, will comment on the original post :)