Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tantra t shirts

I have been a fan of Tantra t-shirts for a while now. They are a welcome departure from "Born in the USA" and "Wild West" wannabe slogans or the routine "Just do it" slogans on tees. With wild wacky humour themed on India, value for money and durability, tantra tees spell "Attitude".

They are also the only thing India has, on the lines of the themed t-shirts that one sees at almost every teeny weeny tourist spot abroad, so I guess they would be on the must buy
list of tourists, if sold at the right places. On a recent visit to Shoppers stop, I saw another brand that looks like a Tantra lookalike. The tees are called indi-visual and come in the same bold colours and similar messages themed on India, a la Tantra. Are they a me too brand or a brand extension of tantra or what? Shoppers stop also does not help matters by keeping the two brands close to each other (In fact, I realised much later that they are not the same)

If they are not the latter, they could well be the former since these ideas are easy to replicate (one can argue that they are different, but to me, as a customer, I could hardly spot the difference). It is probably an acknowledgement and indication of Tantras success.


Karthik R said...

I love Tantra. The last time I was in Inida, brought back about a dozen t-shirts and distributed it to my friends.

What's that thing about imitation being the best form of flattery?

Kaps said...

Tantra is an innovative concept.

The following T-shirt was very popular


man's greatest erection for a woman

Neelakantan said...

The arrival of a me-too brand (if it really is a me-too brand, that is) shows that concepts like tantra have to innovate and keep ahead of the street consistently. I would hate to see Tantra swamped by competition, they are just too good, but then again if it means more tees for me, why not!

LightKnight said...

I'm looking to purchase a T-shirt like this:


Is that a Tantra T-shirt? If so, do they have a web-site? I'm in Denmark, and don't know of any outlet nearby... If anybody could point me towards somewhere I can buy such a T-shirt, I'd be so happy!

MagicEye said...

Hey friends!! I am also a big fan of Tantra Tshirts. I am presently in USA but miss India and the t shirts very much even if I have a dozen of them.
I also have some great t-shirt ideas for them but do not know how to contact them. Do they have some website? And how the response will be if such material is sold in USA?

@man! said...

HI Guys...

Good news for all of you. i have a tie u with tantra (india ) and i am selling their tantra and barking dog t shirts here in USA> they are available on my shopping site for a very reasonable price for US customers. check out the new designs added and more wil be added in timely manner. and yes ..."god is too big to fit in one religion" is a tantra t shirt and is available on the site.
SO check it out....

its Motichoor. www.motichoor.com

and please leave your comments , reviews etc at the iste....

Aman Bedi

@man! said...

sorry the link is www.motichoor.com for TANTRA T shirt site in US. Hope it helps all the Tantra fans in the US.

@man! said...

www.motichoor.com is now doing worldwide shipping of Tantra T-shirts. Lots of new designs and prints are added to these famous "India on a T-shirt" t-shirts. The site is pretty popular in US now and on US campuses. So anyone wishing for these Tantra T-Shirts can visit www.motichoor.com