Sunday, August 21, 2005

Teleserials and cricket

What teleserials can learn from cricket:

Teleserials are as stretchable as the best gymnast or a politicians wish to remain seated on his chair. But theres still a few things they could do to stretch their runs for ever:

Use slow motion of certain sequences. Bollywood uses slow mo for action scenes and "one tight slap" scenes, teleserials could use this technique for prolonging their episodes. Especially useful for showing marriages, and family events.

Use a third camera, a camera which can used to show the entire set at one time. Like cameras mounted on blimps, they could use these cameras for telecasting recap episodes that repeat entire past episodes (from a different angle).

Introduce an expert team that discusses and debates actions of each of the actors in the teleserial.

Like man of the match and series, have an actor of the day or week and include entire presentation sequences as part of the episode.

Since the entire country is used to six ball bursts punctuated by an ad break, keep all serial timings restricted to the average length of a cricket over and punctuate it with similar breaks(or more).

As if they werent boring enough...

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