Friday, August 26, 2005

Win a Maruti by collecting registration numbers

Reading Rashmis post on gifts, collectibles set me thinking of the days when we used to run after collectibles. Amidst the mania of collectibles, there were rumours too which were hoaxes. Nobody knows how these things start, but they are there!

In Bombay (thats the Maharashtra board), there used to be a rumour that if someone got 35 marks in each subject during their SSC examination, the board will gift a "bicycle". We actually used to have discussions on how to acquire this cycle in case our marks fell really low. (If you going to get low marks, why not aim really low, but then how can we get exactly 35 in all subjects and so on....)

Then in 1985 or so, was the big rumour on Maruti cars. If you collect 10,000 Maruti car registration numbers ( from the number plate), it was rumoured that we could be the proud owner of a Maruti car. Nobody told us where this was to be sent or who would give it. Armed with paper and pencil, we went to every shaadi or guests house we went, we hunted down Maruti car numbers all over the city. We exchanged the same with our friends until we collected about 2500 odd numbers until one day the newspaper reported that it was a rumour.

Know any more such hoaxes?


Ambuj Saxena said...

I remember another such rumour. Remember the coins some 10 years back had some alphabets/symbols inscribed on the bottom. I was told that if I can collect 3 coins with the letters "H","M" and "T", I would get an HMT watch.

Patrix said...

Damn! I so remember that Maruti hoax especially since it was so long ago. Never knew anyone who had heard about it :)

Neelakantan said...

Ambuj, I remember the HMT hoax too!
Patrix, a lot of mumbaikars who were kids then would remember the maruti hoax!