Friday, September 02, 2005

All our customer service executives are busy...

Call up ICICI Bank or Tata Indicom and after a thousand rings and a hundred instructions (Press 732 if your great grandfathers name third alphabet had a "Z" in it), we, the customers are greeted by.

"All our customer service executives are busy at this point in time. Please stay on the line or call later."

I have a problem. My phone does not connect, my account system online does not respod and I dont know why. But thats the message I get. Welcome to the online queue, a replacement of the line in front of banks, PDS shops and the like. During this "hold" period, you, the customer are subjected to inane music and stupid promotions.

What is the message that I, as a customer, get out of this?
1)If your customer service executives are busy, you either offer such an abysmal level of service that your executives are busy round the clock dealing with problems.

2) Or you have one employee handling all your calls and he is also shared with another company.

3) When I am calling up customer service, I am calling up for reporting a problem, the last thing I want is to be bombarded with marketing BS.

When will these companies learn that customer relationships have to last beyond mere signing up for an account or a phone connection?


Kaps said...

Inspite of all this they say...."Your call is important to us". if it is important why don't they put more people to attend to calls.

Neelakantan said...

The average wait time at both icici and tataindicom at any time of the day is about 5 minutes during which there is bluster going on about the various products and stuff.
This, I think, is some "brilliant idea" from marketing to subject all callers to this torture (marketing to their captive customers must have been the title of this pathbreaking idea) irrespective of whether the call center chaps are busy or idle.