Monday, September 19, 2005

Basketball, Cricket and China

Two articles, both of which on the same vein, yet continents apart. One on basketball from Yale Global and one on cricket from IE.

Yao Ming is one of the first (only?) Chinese basketball player in the NBA. Says the Yale Global online:

...Yao's towering stature casts a long shadow that extends far beyond the court; in many ways, he symbolizes the "cosmic convergence" of China and the United States. According to Brook Larmer, the 25-year-old star is truly a "child of globalization," his life shaped "by the two great forces of our time, China's explosive rise and the expansion of transnational capitalism...

The second piece is about cricket and its fledgling steps in China.

...China became an affiliate member of the International Cricket Council (ICC) and joined the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) in the summer of 2004. The six-day ACC-run cricket training camp that began on September 16 is, however, the first concrete step taken to promote the game...

True to our tradition, we are late by a few years! Basketball seems to have garnered a fair bit of market share in the Chinese market. To me cricket is the subcontinent (and not the Ozzies and the Poms) and basketball is the US and this is an intersection waiting to happen at the crossroads of globalization. How long before we see a Yao Ming in cricket?

The great intersection of cultures across the globe is about to happen. Sports is one, food is another, entertainment is the big third and not necessarily in that order. Opportunity beckons to Indians in each of these spheres. Soon we may see Chinese Indian food instead of Indian Chinese food and Chinese TV channels may air our Bollywood (Kutte..main tera) dubbed in Chinese instead of the other way round!

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