Sunday, September 25, 2005

Dheeraj goes for a jog again

Dheeraj stepped out to jog, once again. His previous attempt at jogging had been thwarted by the efforts of a canine, who had chased him twice during the course of their lives.

Dheeraj stepped out to jog after reading a report in the days newspaper that the Bangalore Municipal Corporation apparently believed that there were about 882 potholes in the city.

Dheeraj realised that he could not possibly jog at his new address which was near a sanctuary because presumably all the potholes were on his jogging route of 200 metres itself. He decided to investigate and as an excuse start jogging again. A little ahead of his home the road disappeared and it became something a bulldozer or tractor would have been proud of at the end of a days work at a demolition site or a farm respectively. Straying tigers from the sanctuary would surely feel at home here, he thought.

Some distance later there was some construction going on. It was either a flyover or an underpass or both. Construction had been resumed at the site, but there was a hitch since some of the workers had stayed there for so long at the site that they had been granted tenancy rights. So, unless they were given alternative housing, the construction could not proceed.

Now there was some tar on the road, lots of gun toting security men and there was a placard on the side which said, "Protected Monument". "This road was tarred during the reign of the previous government and has declared as protected" followed by threats of what can happen (jail, fine etc.) if anybody tried to disfigure it.

As he moved further there was a small fountain in the place of a lake which had all been built up (remember the scene from Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron where the builders ask of the Arabian sea "Whats this empty space between India and the middle East?") and he was almost at his jogging routes end.

As he sipped coffee the song on the radio ended to give a traffic update "Apart from the usual places (which is all the main roads) no new traffic jams have been reported from any part of Bangalore"

"Sigh!", even as he started looking up the prices of treadmills. Perhaps jogging in a roadless, potholed, jammed wonder was not worth it.

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