Thursday, September 08, 2005

Last mile

The 'last mile' in telecom is well known epithet (or equivalent grammatical term). It can well be replicated pretty much everywhere else. Our building for instance. The builder built it at a feverish pace until the homes were delivered with some 'bug fixing' to be done. That bug fixing has taken forever, almost as much as the time it took to the get the entire building done. Ditto with my carpenter. The initial things were done very fast and when it came to finishing the nitty gritties, it took every groan and moan to do so. Even at work, the initial enthusiasm lasts only till a particular plateau. After that, it is a drugdery to open the same document(project/website/file) again and again trying to finish it to the satisfaction of its many stakeholders.

This post started off well, now I am at a loss as to how to end it...

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Raj said...

I have a 80/20 theory to explain this. In any activity, the last 20% of the work uses up 80% more time and energy than what was consumed by the first 80%.