Thursday, September 22, 2005

The lure of the aroma

The fastest route to a mans heart, they say is through his stomach. The fastest route to the stomach is through the nose. The chaatwaala, the street hawkers all used this unwittingly to hook their customers. The latest to cash in on this trend is Cookie Man, a fairly high priced cookie shop in some malls in India. The tag line goes "Cookie Man, Australian cookies", but in the shops I have seen, it is as far from Australia, as perhaps the nearest suburb of Bangalore.

Cookie Man shops are open format shops. There are a couple of display units that separate the shop from the customers and inside the space within is a cookie making machine. As the red machine swallows dough (umm..literally) and creates cookies, it sends a delightful aroma wafting through the air. The aroma hooks men, women and children alike and Cookie Man seems to be doing good business. Even stingy me was persuaded by the aroma to try out a few (it helps that their cookies are good) despite the steep prices.

The open format is just right for products such as these. Without the smell of cookies, I think the try out ratio would have been a fifth of what it is!

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Koos said...

Yeah you're right I think.. just at the end of your blog I realised I've never seen cookie shops before and that I would find it rediculous to see I shop selling only cookies. If it was not for something special of course.