Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Outsourcing of a different kind - biotech

Business Standard reports on a new type of outsourcing. This one is between Aurigene and Novo Nordisk.


Bangalore-based Aurigene Discoveries Technologies has entered into a collaboration with Novo Nordisk, a Denmark-based healthcare company in the area of metabollic disorders.
The agreement encompasses a joint discovery effort by both the companies on a target covering the discovery and pre-clinical development of lead series at Aurigene, says a press release.
In addition, Novo Nordisk will also work with Aurigene on the optimisation of some of Novo Nordisk's lead series of compounds on the same target....

Biotech outsourcing till recently has been limited to clinical trials, rarely for a joint discovery effort, which is what makes this colloboration exciting. Biotech today in India is at a stage that the IT industry was in the pre Y2K days. Of course biotech is more on IPRs than IT and therefore that much more difficult. But if companies like Aurigene break through and create a market, biotech could well be Indias next IT.

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