Monday, September 12, 2005

"Parachut(e)"ing into a different space

Parachute, Maricos flagship brand is now into mens hair creams. Parachutes mainstay has been its coconut hair oil. The brand has, over time, focused on its purity, quality and other attributes and the customers have, over time rewarded Parachute with the premier position in the hair oil segment.

Parachute oil (and its variants) are known for its purity and has a usp of "pure coconut oil". The mens creams are a concoction of mineral oil and other things and a far cry from the real "Parachute image". This blog has written on brand extensions before and I think this one is off target unless they get the positioning right.

I (and millions of others) would buy a Parachute oil when we want good coconut oil. A coconut oil with perhaps less oiliness or less stickiness would be something that is desirable. If the mens cream has a "natural" attribute, perhaps. But a me-too mens hair cream brand? Naaah

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Nilu said...

Gosh! Desis and their idea of applying oil to hair.