Saturday, October 29, 2005

Diwali Dhamaka - Bharateeya Blog mela

The Bharateeya Blog Mela finally found its way to interim thoughts..., after a few chills, thrills and spills along the way. This mela is being hosted from Bombay (my home city) as I am here, the week of Diwali. Let me begin by wishing all readers a very Happy Diwali.

While you are here, do take a look around at interim thoughts..., a weblog that looks at business, brands, globalization from perspectives varying from streetside spectator to active participant to global gyan. And I hope you visit the site long after the mela has departed to another camp! After that shameless plug, lets move on.

I thought a lot about the format for the mela and then decided that no format was the best format after all, lest it distract readers from the variety of posts. I have included every single post that was nominated. Organizing the blog mela is a great thing. It is like getting to read the mela in advance.

So, sit back with a warm cuppa coffee this long Diwali weekend and enjoy.

Since its Diwali, lets begin with flowers. A colourful (both visually and verbally) post from Akshay on Petals, Toil and Business at Dadars phulgalli. And the other item in the news, which is of course, onions (unions if you are a leftist) and in limerick. Amar Akbar Anthony (dont miss their blog description) has a hilarious one on the upcoming cricket series between England and Pakistan.

Now for some stories at the way my adopted city is going. Last week was a particularly bad week for Bangalore. It was on record the wettest October for 49 years, but in real terms the rainfall received was very little as compared to the downpour in Bombay. Bangalore and traffic is by now an oxymoron as are Bangalore roads. The situation is really bad and many people have lost any whiff of optimism they had that the situation will improve. 7 cms of rain and the city went for a toss. By now mails on the floods with pics have been circulated, but heres the blogospheres take.

Vijay takes potshots at the "farmers son" who is intent on driving Bangalore atleast a hundred years backwards in terms of infrastructure.

Vasanth nominates Mohanrajs post on rain tormented Bangalore and the flickr link has some more pics.

RS Sathish on a related note wonders from afar if Bangalore is a dying city. The premise is warranted, but some of his observations would change on a closer look. IMHO, walk in a deserted street in any city and your fate would be pretty much the same. He ends it on an optimistic note hoping that Bangalore finds a new lease of life. I hope so too.

Niti at her "Perspective" blog writes a wonderful post on names.

..."If you could name it you could master it, maybe, little wizard . . . Would you like to know its name?" Ursula K. LeGuin, The wizard of earthsea...

Jammer thinks aloud on Blogging, Freedom of speech and Article 51A on the fundamental duties of a citizen of India. Yes, I too wish that the constitution is simplified.

Gargi, has a thoughtful post on the right to information, while Vivek muses on governance.

Varun thinks aloud with a post on Politics in crisis and about the recent earthquake as to why we dont have a crisis management plan? Arzan has a fiery post on the Tragedy that is Buta Singh. I personally it is more than the man, it is the tragedy wrought upon the governors office by successive governments.

Gargi has a nice photoblog at Adarsh Nagar, as does the ultimate quirk at his blog.

On Business theres a nomination for Why small idea driven start ups do not get the respect in India. This is something I dont agree with wholeheartedly. Many an idea has found its rightful spot under the sun and many havent. So, generalizing it to this level, umm, not my cuppa.

Gawker does a flip flop and argues for Creationism to be taught in school, yes, you read that right, for.

Whats a BBM without Bollywood?

Sunil has a new script idea for Mahesh Bhatt and with some more on films, heres Adityas review on the Asian film fest at Pune (and theres more at his blog) and TTGs tribute to his car pool partner.

Prasenjeet nominates this post on the argumentative Indian from Varnam and then his own 'India in Regress'

The topic being women, and heres Sakshi with a hard hitting post on domestic violence and Vijay with his thoughts on women and Indian mythology

Sakshi also has a post on Independent women in India ending with a profile of (just?) 4 women bloggers. There are many very good women bloggers out there in the Indian blogosphere and the blogosphere is richer thanks to them!

Dippu writes about the cultural confusion that so many of us undergo at various levels. Jinal, over at Style Station is pleased meanwhile that South Asian is a category (I would prefer Indian not lumped with South Asian though!) and waits for the day when an Indian family/festival is used as part of a mainstream ad clip (that would be something). Arzan writes in about the "World cant wait" movement among the desis and how it is really, a lost cause.

The Indian blogospheres management expert, Gautam has a post on Talent hunting at the mall , (wow! this is some IT boom - visit a mall and get recruited- almost) and nominates another one on how to identify indian talent. Here R A Mashelkar speaking in the IE series is quoted on Indian talent. A really good read.

Heres a new blogger nominated by Vishnupriya with a thought provoking post.

Last but not the least, take good care of yourselves and heres a post on how to take care of your heart (and its not your mushy mushy stuff)

Thanks Nitai(who is hosting the next blog mela) and Shanti for schedule scrambles (alls well that ends well).

And a thanks to Amit "Indiauncut" Varma and Desipundit for the booster shot with the nominations post.

Do put in a word in the comments for bouquets and brickbats. Also in case I have missed any of the nominations, put in a comment and it will be taken care of!


Sooraj said...

Hi Neelakantan,

I'm a new Indiblogger - so had not heard of Bharateeya Blog Mela before. I would like to include two original and related posts in this Mela if possible. They are in retaliation to some very disturbing untruths by a US academic about Indian politics, Gujarat riots etc.

The two posts are: US Professor's faulty logic blames Indian Govt. for religious riots and Indian Democracy collapsed into Religious Terror?.

Anthony said...

A psot on maipur was earlier nominated by desipundit. i ahve newerr posts and wish to update the sme regularly. I have just updated my Blog at

Vijay said...

Hey, thanks a bunch for posting this! Happy Diwali!

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Happy Diwali ...

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