Friday, October 14, 2005

iPod: Audio, Video - why not books?

Thinking about iPods and nanos and Video iPods started it off. First it was songs at 99c a piece. Now it is (selected)videos at $1.99 a piece.

Just thinking, what if they let us download books. e-books or e-versions of other books (before the copyrighters chew me up, I mean, for a price). I am not sure how the 2.5 inch screen will handle the entire page of a book, but I guess Apple can figure that out.

Rather than carry a few books in my bag, it would be nice to have books in my ipod. Pull out and read a chapter anytime on the move!. Imagine being able to bookmark what you just finished, imagine being able to highlight or imagine just being able to flip it out and read, just like that. No searching for the last page you read. An book ipod would be amazing.

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Anonymous said...

IPod does currenlty allow downloading audiobooks to it. I dont think it would be convenient to read a book from such a small screen. Audiobooks is great though.