Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Organising the unorganised

This is perhaps the best idea to get an idea. Get onto the net, blog surf your way and what do you get? A post where you think you should comment. As you comment, it strikes you that this can be a post itself. So, here goes. What started off as a comment to a post on Seriously Clueless, is a post here.

The unorganised sector in India is huge. For almost anything organised, there is an unorganised sector. Yet dealing with the unorganised sector has its own problems. Say, as an example hiring a driver or a maid or cook for a house. Especially when one is new in a city and is not conversant with the local language etc. Here is where this "organisers" step in. They are little more than the bodyshoppers in IT and offer little or no service apart from facilitation. In a developed country or an educated workforce, something like elance would be used, but considering the diversity of the workforce, these agencies step in. There are some in Bangalore who provide maid service, but there is a lot of scope for such "aggregators", if I may. They typically charge a premium as compared to employing a maid solo, but people from such agencies are professional and have their backgrounds verified, which is an added layer of security for someone who is new to a city.

There is a lot that can happen with this concept (think drivers, cooks, tutors, cleaners, carpenters) and we have only just scratched the surface.

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