Thursday, October 20, 2005

Postal address to web address

First it was the mailing address. We wrote out addresses of people in big books with old entries struck out and newer entries highlighted. Check out your house and there will be a forgotten address book maintained some years back. Every few years a family member will get into the "this address book sucks" and copy it out onto a new book. Inevitably some addresses will be
left out or laziness sets in after the third address under "Uncles". Now suddenly, there are two books to look up addresses in...

Then it was the telephone book. We had a telephone book with the numbers, changes, inter state STD codes updated. Very much like the address book, many a time the same, but at other times a small book that held just numbers. Telephone books could be lost and they lost themselves with fair regularity, more than phones went dead. Therefore some people had duplicate telephone books.

Business people had visiting cards. And then we had rolodexes and other contraptions (like the cd cases of today) where we could store our visiting cards that we collected from various

Then someone came up with those stickers (white with colour bands) with address and phone numbers for non business people. They are still used by small shops.

Shops used to give out calendars to hang on walls, wonder how many people hang calendars on their walls these days. Desktop calendars survive, but just about and certainly no calendar
with a big name of some shop written on it. There were small pocket calendars and they survive in some pockets, literally.

Today, well, what do you do? Send a link.
You have a blog? Send a link.
Theres a new restaurant, send a link.

If you dont have a link, thats it, you can stay unlinked, all your life.

If its not a link, better have a cell so that you can "give me a missed call, so I can save your number". Many people, yours truly included would barely know 2 or 3 numbers to dial. We
just Search and dial from the cell, so if you dont have your cell for some reason, you are stranded.

Today, visiting cards still exist, but they are just a physical reminder of the email address. Address books and telephone books, stickers, calendars have all but gone out of the radar replaced by a contacts list.

Wonder what is going to be next?

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