Monday, November 28, 2005

1 rupee tickets?

What I last wrote on Deccan set me thinking. That Deccan airways, though popular because of its cut throat fares, does not really serve the populace it intends to serve (those who think flying is unaffordable etc. etc.). Its 1 rupee and 500 rupee tickets are usually hunted down by bargain hunters (for techies in Bangalore it is almost a hobby) and many trips are made because "paanch sau ka ticket mil gaya" and not because anybody really wants to fly. Deccan typically announces cheap tickets by way of newspaper ads and on those days the website is as crowded as a Kumbh Mela (thats the physical equivalent when the website begins to crawl). The 1 rupee and the 500 rupee tickets disappear in minutes from the time it is opened for booking.

Should Deccan tweak its system, to ensure that the tickets go to make flying truly affordable for those who need it (I mean Senior citizens, disabled, perhaps someone who needs to travel on an emergency) ? or should it just continue the way it does currently? Is there any reason for it to do so?

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Mridul Narayanan said...

It all depends on what exactly Deccan has in mind. When the cool drink giant sells the drink for 50 paise, it does not do it for the poor. Its just another advertisement.