Thursday, November 24, 2005

24 hour pharmacy

Ever gone to a 24 hour pharmacy shop? At an odd hour like 4 am? By 24 hour pharma shops, I dont mean the kinds that are attached to a hospital, but the stand alone ones. Ideally, since it is night and access to a doctor could be difficult, the person who takes the night shift has to be the best staffer since very often patients approach them with vague requests. This may not be the best strategy, since it is the doctors who have to be consulted, but this is the situation a night duty staffer in a 24 hour pharma shop usually faces. But, obviously, the most experienced staffer in such a shop is the one who is a veteran, hence he does not have to "take" the night shift, so it is the rookie who gets posted many a time!

Much like the forward short leg at cricket which is inevitably (atleast in the Indian test team until recently) manned by rookies, while in theory it has to be the best fielder at that position.


Kaps said...

Haven't been to one....but I guess Apollo runs some of these pharmacies (some are not attached to hospitals) in Chennai

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