Monday, November 28, 2005

Business mags online strategies

While on Businessworld, a thought on the various strategies used by business magazines with respect to their websites. Businessworld has a website which has free registration (if you are from India) or a paid subscription (if you are from abroad). BWorld has a section called web exclusives. BusinessIndia, I am not sure has any presence on the web. BusinessToday on the other hand has a some sort of a snooty presence on the web accessible to subscribers only.

If I were the magazine owner (or editor), I would have a presence on the web part of which is free content (for example, the current issue or some part of the current issue). I would also have some sections accessible only to my (print and net) subscribers or on payment (archives qualifies as a good example). Meaning, I would use the free content to generate more print sales and subscriptions on the web. I would also rather have print exclusives with more analysis than web exclusives. A shorter version and dynamic content could be purely on the web. I am pretty sure with BRICS, there is a demand for India specific business analysis. Perhaps letting everyone access case studies (the market for it is the MBA students market, which will stick with the magazine once they are hooked) is a good idea, perhaps letting them contribute is a better idea.

In my analysis, BW seems to have got it somewhat right, but it can be tweaked some more. BI, I am not sure if it has any presence, but its print edition is more volume and less analysis. BT offers the web only to subscribers, which I think limits its subscriber base and takes it off the radar for most. Globally, I like the Businessweek website, thats the path I would like these mags to take.

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