Monday, November 28, 2005

Can I have my Web 2.0 please?

Wheres my share of the fad? A new word is being used, Web 2.0. This week (or is that last weeks - cover story is on the Slide of the Rupee) Businessworld has a story on how the major Indian portals are planning to cash in on the high valuations to raise capital from the market.

The article begins thus "Web 2.0 is showing its first traces in India and the Indian Internet companies are buckling up for it. Over the next year or two, four of them, Indiatimes, Naukri, Rediff and Sify are likely to go for IPO's and list in India."

Well, they have every right to go and list themselves but this has got nothing to do with Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is a definition that has no real shape or form yet and if one goes with what is "agreed upon", none of these portals qualify. They are as Web 2.0 as our Maruti is a Mercedes. Perhaps the magazine takes Web 2.0 as a mere resurgence of the web (and companies and stocks, a la Baidu in China). In which case too, these portals fail since there are barely any web portals listed in India.


Bharath M said...

I will call Rediff and Sify Web 2.0 when they have clean simple interfaces and are ajaxified! :-D

amIda1 said...

web 2.0?!?!?! how old are you?!?!?!

you know Santa doesnt exist rite? ;)