Monday, November 21, 2005

Deccan needs to improve

Air Deccan has to get out of the image of the cheap service. Cheap tickets should not mean poor service or low punctuality, something that will cost Deccan in terms of repeat purchases.

Deccan would do well to remember that many of its travellers are not necessarily the segment it is targeting. Deccans avowed aim is to make it easy for anybody to fly, but right now it is attracting people who can fly other airlnes, but who are looking for a bargain. If it loses such people, they will be move to Kingfisher and perhaps Spice.

For reaching out to the real common man, Deccan has to make its service better for better word of mouth goodwill (there isnt much of it these days) and expand the reach of its ticketing outlets. Its quite painful to spend a hour or two in the airport for a flight of an hour especially considering that airports are far away from many townships in India, unlike railway stations. And some airports in India (notably Bangalore), due to space constraints, even the lone coffee vending machine has been removed in the boarding area, so if you are caught there after security check and your Air Deccan flight is delayed, just fast!

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