Thursday, November 03, 2005

Diwali observations

The Chinese have taken over Diwali well and truly. Houses all over Mumbai have Chinese lights in their balconies ( a very Bombay thing to hang glittering lights in balconies during Diwali). Dirt cheap and almost use and throw (you wont meet anyone who has had these lights for 3 years). They are cheap LEDs, I think and in any case quite unlike the bulbs we owned in our house for 15 odd years when each Diwali meant a few trips to the electrician apart from some of our own pottering with testers and wires.

Visit any mithaiwaala and you will see a range of items. Many of them have stopped making samosas, dhoklas for the diwali festivities. Why would they. These are items with low margin. When they can sell Kaju Katli for 500 bucks a kilo, who will spend time making Dhoklas which sell for less than 100 a kilo!

Take a look at any mithai shop and you cant miss the ubiquitous display out in the front. Exquisitely wrapped dry fruits in colourful cellophane paper, silver and gold cardboard boxes with transparent displays are put up in front of the shop. This year, apart from these boxes, is the rapid proliferation of Haldirams (mostly) and a few others. Haldirams has seized the opportunity to launch festival packs of its sweets and namkeens more than anybody else and it too finds a place on the display of most of the shops and making the most of the instinct to pick up something that is tried and tested, yet different.

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