Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dollar store

At the Vashi Center One, a mall, is a store that calls itself the Dollar Store. Modelled on the likes of the Dollar Stores across the US, this place prides itself on selling items in the range of 49 to 99.

Inside are cheap imports - not just from China, but also from US, Europe and perhaps even the Middle East. Thats not what I like about this store. What I like it is places like these signal the end of cheap snob value. No visitor from abroad can pass off some cheap brand as a gift.

That the store is packed with bargain hunters (some import surplus Lego toys were available for 99 bucks) is testimony to their success.

The average Mumbaikar has a way of using dollar in his day to day world. 5 rupee coins are known as 5 rupya dollar!...and now its the Dollar store.

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Dhar said...

I actually picked up quite a few excellent movie DVDs (Night of the Living Dead, His Girl Friday, Street Fighter) from the Dollar Store for 99 bucks.

Do you live in/around Vashi?