Monday, November 21, 2005

Kingfisher vs Jet

I had the chance to travel on Kingfisher airlines, one airline which has taken a contrarian stand from the current lowest cost strategy. Kingfisher has positioned itself as a value carrier, which means it, in theory matches the service level of Jet (easily the best in India) while not being as pricey as Jet. At the same time, it is not as cheap as Deccan.

I liked their flight for quite a few reasons and it was not because of their in flight entertainment or air hostesses. They are courteous, punctual and good to their passengers. But importantly they have brought back a small joy in flying. This is a novelty not for regular travellers though, but is a good thing for the one off traveller. A small pouch (smart idea in these days of mobile phones) with earphones, pens engraved with Kingfisher (What else?) is presented to each traveller. A neat brand building strategy, especially considering repeat travellers would pass it on to someone. The food is good too, as good as Jet once used to be (I would rate Jets food as slightly below par these days).

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Zee'Ay said...

Recently my uncle had an experience flying through it, "best" was the word he used.