Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Newspaper clippings nostalgia

When I was a little boy, one of my favourite hobbies was to collect paper clippings of interesting things. It ranged from new technology to future directions to science to automobiles. I started collecting clippings from the time I was about 8 years old and it continued till about the time I was out of school (matriculation). It then reduced in frequency and continued for a few years after that.

This bunch of my paper clippings occupies a small amount of space at my parents house. Every visit there and I take a few minutes out to see my collection. I have never felt like throwing it out, since it is really more than just a paper cutting collection. It represents the working of my minds in those days. It shows the evolution of my thoughts and of the hopes I had in those days.

An article from Mid-day sometime in the 80s screams "Flying trains by the 90s" for Mumbai - aha, nothing has changed even 15 years after the 90s began.
Yet another one in 1985 from the now defunct Evening news of India says "Star wars will rage". Hmm, so they do.

Between assorted pictures of Navy frigates and fighter aircraft, lies my whole paper clipping collections. I remember, as a schoolboy I could spend hours poring through it.

This time around, with my few minutes around it, I realised how the internet has made paper clippings obsolete...


Kaps said...

i also have a similar collection....but it started much later in life

JANNIS said...

And I remember very well those years, when we had no mobile phones... Incredible, isn't it ?
Now I am even keen on blogging, this would be unthinkable in the early 90's in Germany...
Just started my BlogPage on globalization, new ideas, creative concepts. I would love to receive your comments and views. For example, in a previous post you mention that a lot of people in India are against the globalization. I thought that most of the people are rather in favour... Right or wrong ?