Monday, November 14, 2005

Outsourcing 101

Take the example of a house in a village a hundred years ago. They did everything by themselves. They grew their own food, most of their vegetables, fruits. Water for their farms came from their own well. Many even had their own ponds for a bath. They made their own snacks, pickles and to a large extent were self sufficient.

A hundred years later, very little is being done at home. Home means just the core functions. A basic family unit, their incomes, their outflows and their fun. Everything else is outsourced. Cleaning the home, washing the clothes, cooking and a whole bunch of other stuff are outsourced to either machines or humans or businesses. Pickles, papad, sweets and other items which were hitherto made in the house are now purchased from a shop or sourced from someplace else.

Those who oppose outsourcing sitting here in India ought to think of this perhaps.

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