Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Real estate ads, trees and Bangalore

Bangalore is going through a property boom as are many parts of the country. The hope, as usual, is that the rise will continue for ever. Bangalore, for its part, is trying its level best to crash home prices and send industry packing with ever worsening infrastructure, but to no avail.

Anyway, thats not the point. Because of this property boom, one gets to see of lot of ads in the newspapers about upcoming projects. This is how the typical ad of a building looks like. A nice building surrounded by "acres" of greenery. Streets with trees, plants on the footpaths and surrounding plots with lush flora. Take a closer look and you will find few trees, if any, within the compound itself. Why? With land prices going northwards, the area occupied by a tree is worth lakhs of profit either as a building or parking space or converted into landscape with some dwarfish plants and pesky grass.

Bangalore is one of those funny cities with greenery in company campuses, parks, along (some) roads (paths) and in the military areas. Buildings and apartment complexes have few trees if any. Townhouses or houses built on plots have no trees (the ones who have a house and trees in their own plot are extremely rich or stupid depending on which way you look at it). These, incidentally, are the very people who organise morchas on roads to prevent trees that obstruct traffic from being cut down.

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