Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Toy design

The above images are the images of a toy phone and a real phone. Needless to say which is which. The toy is amazing to the point of being nearly real in terms of its behaviour (its actually better) and that it has immense learning value. I am pretty impressed, but my child is not. If its not the behaviour that distinguishes it, apart from the bright colours of the toy, then what is? Even very small children seem to know which is a toy and which is real. The child knows exactly which phone is a toy (which he does not want) and which phone is the real one (which is the one he wants). I am not sure if this is entirely because of the way it looks or behaves (design), he perhaps observes that none of the adults use his phone to talk, so he wants the phone which everybody uses. There are two remote controls in our house but he wants one which is the one "in use" or perhaps "in vogue".

The other point is, are toys made bright and colourful and attractive so as to attract the child towards it or attract parents towards it? No prize for guessing if toys were grey and white and looked like the ceiling, how any buyers they would attract. Children do get attracted to bright colours (and I have seen that), but I guess they are also fairly smart to realise that these things are toys and what the adults use is the real thing!

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