Friday, November 18, 2005

What is it about reading blogs?

From not knowing what they were (blogs), to reading blogs to getting hooked onto them to creating ones own, it has been a while.

Emergic was the first blog I began to read sometime in May 2004 or thereabouts. The person who introduced me to blogs, Manoj, said it was a good source of information among other things. What it was I never quite got it before I hit Emergic. From emergic, during one of the blogsurfing tours, one of my early stops was Seth godins blog. That seth godins blog is nothing short of remarkable is something I neednt say and it got me clicking here and there collecting links, adding them to favorites so much so that one point, I had almost a 100 blogs to read.
Businesspundit, The carnival of the capitalists were among the ones that I never missed. How can I miss the amazing blog on Creating passionate users!

The best part of a blog of someone like Seth and Tom Peters; is that these are direct thoughts, more often than not written by them directly, and not added with vishesh tippani of some arbit editor! The other is that blogs are where information circulates (as an idea) until it finds its way in a book (Freakonomics and The Long Tail being the prime examples).

Slowly, I shifted from reading newspapers to reading blogs. Blogs like Seths make (force?dare?) you think, question and come up with answers and slowly incorporate it as a part of daily life. I am not into personal blogs, but thats because of a personal (dis)like.

Finally, I like a bit of analysis, some humour, forgotten quotes, history, new perspectives, something new that I havent heard of, something that forces me to think or somebody who points to any of the above! Every morning, I go through my bloglines list to find any or all of this!More power to the morning cuppa with blogs!

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