Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One year on!

This blog has completed a year. Two cheers for Venky. One for inspiring me to start a blog. It was a year back at the Strand book exhibition in Bangalore that I ran into Venky (partly because he now could be run into, unlike his earlier self). "So", I asked him, "do you still write". "I blog", he said, and in his characteristic dry wit self deprecating style that almost can be patented, added, "but dont know how many read it." By then I had started reading blogs, but had never thought of starting one myself. I went home, inspired and decided to take the plunge.

Personal stuff was not my bailiwick. Daily humour did not seem possible. And honestly, I did not have the analysis skills or experience of Swami or Seth to back it up. I was not as prolific as Rajesh either.

It surely had to be my passion. Business and money (writing about) the main topic, perhaps a little travel, business, economics, outsourcing, infrastructure, Bangalore all thrown in. And it had to have streetside perspectives as well as strategy, insights, views (my two cents, basically).

The second cheer goes to Venky for writing in a comment one day (those early days when I would post once a week and hope that people would queue up to read) that essentially said, "You would post more often". So I did and I have kept up (almost) the one post per working day routine, more or less.

And then my first post was linked (thanks Anup for linking on Masala pasta). I felt elated, needless to say! Some early inspiration also came from Abi.When I was blogrolled, ahem, alongside Tom Peters in a case or two, I felt wow!! Then I subscribed to my blog on bloglines, there were actually 3 or 4 subscribers already.

So, one year down the line, its my time to thank each one of you who have visited the site, linked to it, commented on it or just browsed and left their footprint on sitemeter. Special thanks to Venky who inspired me to start a blog, the few who read my sites and commented on it in the early days (Abi, Kaps), then the few who read my sites once in a while and give feedback (Niti) and the some who were tortured by me every now and then to "please read this" (Naresh, Venky, Manoj (who was supposed to be a part of this blog), Paddy (no blog yet), Richa (inspired by me!), Suja (wife, who now knows more about me from my blog), Krishna (started and stopped), Kishor (he plans to start a blog every week), Shankar (started and stopped) among others, the ones who blogrolled me; Desipundit of course.

I hope I can continue writing and you guys find it interesting to read along! The goal is to reach someplace, and this is but a stepping stone! Let the comments flow on this one! I have fixed the comments to allow anonymous comments (with word verification!), so dont hold back!


Kaps said...

Congrats and wishing you many more Blog Birthdays

Abi said...

One year already? Congrats on entering the toddler year with such great energy.

And, of course, thanks for all the great posts!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on completing a year of blogging. Wish that you complete the next year too. :-)

Raj said...

You choose your topics well. It is evident that you are a keen observer of the world around you. You have a simple, breezy style of writing. In short, you have all the ingredients to make a great blogger. Happy anniversary.

Anonymous said...

congratulations and keep up the good work.

Out Of Whack said...


u write well.i'm a regular.keep the good work going ....


Neelakantan said...

Thanks a lot for those wishes!! And I hope I can keep up with the expectations!

Niti Bhan said...

Excellent blog Neelakantan, but I'm not an occasional reader, I'm one of those subscribers on Bloglines :) Btw, I only come in to comment when I have something reasonably intelligent to add. Carry on the good work!