Thursday, December 01, 2005

Rajasthan and Haryana show the way

(Where Karnataka sleeps...)

Reported in the Indian express that Rajasthan is using the expertise of the IT majors (expertise - read efficiency, transparency) and not money to fuel its mid day meal scheme for children.

This is a better way to do it than hand over such well intentioned initiatives into the hands of corrupt officials. The IT majors are known to get their office buildings commissioned in a maximum span of 6 months. How about getting them to manage some of the flyovers and road constructions (not for money, but for an eye on quality and corruption)?

Governments should not shy away from using the expertise of companies. It should focus on getting things done rather on protocol and who "should" get things done!

Heres Haryana and what they plan to do...

He has an exemplary approach to development, with the goal of "prosperity for Haryanvis" (i.e. improve per capita GDP). Having taken stock of the opportunities ("the world is coming to India", so they will come to Delhi, and Haryana is close by), he plans to enable and empower Haryanvis to exploit these opportunities.

How? By improving infrastructure [power supply and roads (and, presumably, communications)], education--so more Haryanvis can get knowledge-based BPO, manufacturing and service jobs, ensuring law and order, and facilitating regulatory clearances.

This is exactly what both farmers and city dwellers everywhere need. There is broad acceptance in India, except for "outliers", self-servers, and the confused, that the essential enabler for people is infrastructure: access to energy, transport, and communications--the "hardware"--together with basic health services (including clean water and sanitation), basic education, law and order, and orderly markets....

Nice to see other states wooing the IT companies while Karnataka takes pride in "showing them their place"

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