Wednesday, December 14, 2005

We work 9 to 5 only

Imagine you are a salaried worker. What would your work hours be? The usual 9 to 6 or some variation of it? If you want to visit a bank? It means you would have to take a half day leave? If you wanted to visit a shop, it has to be in the evening? Especially in the urban areas where the number of salaried individuals is so high? The service industry should revise its timings to better serve these customers.

The best time for places like banks, dry cleaners, opticians and many other services to offer their services is at the beginning of the day from about 7 am and then again perhaps during lunch hour (for those who work in a 9 to 5 job) and late in the evenings.

9 to 5 just does not work for these industries. ICICI bank works 8 to 8 on all days. HDFC bank works on Sundays and is off on Wednesdays. Airtel offers a check pick up service, while Bangalore Electricity Supply works 9 to 5 or even lesser. If only there were competition!


Kaps said...

chidambaram made a statement recently that all PSU bank's will be asked to open longer...maybe 12 hours a day. not sure when this is gonna take shape.

BangaloreGuy said...

I had thot on similar lines earlier too.

It's got everything to do with the people at the top taking all the decisions without any input from anyone down in the chain - who handle these issues practically.

I dont see if a move towards later working hours is going to be popular though.

Most banks I know and am/was a customer of open at best from 10 to 4. - which basically means I can only access them on Saturdays at best.

There is an interesting corollary on this line though - since service Industry is going to contribute towards a higher GDP(from the 51%) as it goes by, it will also mean, most people are in the service industry - and if most workers work after 5, say, then again a clash of times will happen!

the thing to do, IMO is adopt flexi-timings.