Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Winners curse?

Strange as it may seem, sometimes it pays to be ignorant, atleast for a while. In my first job, there was a strange fascination with the newly installed ERP system. So, there was a set of people who knew the technology and a set of people who did not. The initial days of the system meant a fair amount of hard work on the systems front, so those who knew the system ended up doing a lot of work, while those who did not, escaped, till the system stabilised.

Sometimes knowing a particular skill can be a winners curse (the original winners curse is different). My first boss did not know excel or as he put it, "I dont understand computers", so we did all the work. Like cooking, for instance. Knowing cooking means you can be called in to cook (or expected to cook) when you dont want to, while ignorance may grant you benefit of doubt! Husbands (or wives) who are the sole drivers in their house would empathise!

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