Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Amiri Badhao

...says the senior Ambani, Mukesh, they of the original prosperity to investors fame.

..Amiri badhao (enhance prosperity), Ambani said to loud applause from students, educationists, and industrialists at a function to dedicate the Indian Institute of Management, Indore, to the nation...

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But this is the right idea for the right generation. Garibi Hatao, a slogan that served to remove poverty of only a select few is in itself the wrong way to attack the problem. The commies and the so called saviours of rural India are still attacking the problem of poverty from the direction of eliminating poverty instead of attacking it from the direction of increasing prosperity. Middle class India, the India which of 20 to 30 years back was the army of typists, clerks and teachers is now in its gen next avatar. The scions of those teachers, clerks and typists are the face of the educated India, the same India which is powering its service sector. One generation before this and you find most of this middle class on the fringes of poverty. (Grandparents of those born in the late 70s etc.)

To move from the muddle of poverty to middle class requires a generation. A generation of education. A generation of opportunity. If our services industry revolution and the retail FDI could penetrate the villages we would have a generation of call center executives and big store salesmen who like the typists and stenos of the 70s would take prosperity into the villages. By the next generation, in say another 20 years, we would see a prosperous India. It is happening but some reforms need to happen to help prosperity thrive in rural areas. Retail FDI is one of them. Labour reforms is another. Reforms in the farming sector is perhaps the third. All these three together will let companies offer rural persons more opportunities than the ones they have currently.

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