Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Hand crafted lanes, anybody

This is how we create lanes on our roads in Bengaluru. We use no machines neither do we use quick dry paint. We get an army of people to stand in the middle of the road with small red flags (just so that they dont die while they paint lanes on a busy road) and paint the lanes with fat brushes. We also put the motorists at risk. And when we are done painting, we put assorted stones just so that the paint dries you know. So what if traffic moves at full speed? So what if the stones can fly off truck tyres? These are special hand crafted lanes after all.

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S said...

All valid questions. Unfortunately the price of life in India is low.
Another social problem I am a bit worried about is the following:
The painting roads kind of jobs provide work for many uneducated people who have learnt manual skills (which can be easily mechanised). Given the huge pool of such labour what the heck are they going to do as technology makes even such cheap labour cost inefficient?
Some education will become more and more necessary in the future.One solution could be more and more trade institutes (pre-ITI level) which are subsidised.