Monday, January 02, 2006

Hutch turns pink

Slightly dated, but Hutch, one of Indias mobile service providers, earlier had an orange logo, has now turned pink.

...Cellular brand Hutch and Orange (in Mumbai) have changed its logo. Instead of orange and white, the new logo will now use pink and blue, respectively. The tristars of the new Hutch logo will be in a bright pink colour. And this pink colour will be complemented with a secondary palette that has a hue of blues...

Hutch has had an amazing series of ads on Indian television that breaks out the regular clutter of advertising where it is difficult to distinguish from an advertisement for tyres to banks to credit cards to paint. Heres a link to 1, 2, 3. For more visit

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Anonymous said...

Thats one of the biggest branding shift. They were always careful about branding. The pink is the color of the new era - visit new web 2.0 websites you will be greated warm, fresh or pastel colors. Wonderful! I have actually blogged about this here