Friday, January 13, 2006

IIM Bangalore cannot set up new campus in Singapore

Click on the link to read the full piece, but in a day and age when we are opening our doors for competition, the least we can do is empower our premier institutes to go abroad and compete for better students, to build the brand that is India, but with our politicians that can never happen I guess.

...Human Resource Development Ministry officials today said that as per the existing Memorandum of Association (MoA) of IIMs, overseas branches are not allowed. The Ministry wants IIMs to first cater to the demand at home, given the huge demand-supply gap in IIM seats...

What is home demand? Everybody MBA student I know wants admission to IIM B. I would put that demand at a few lakhs per year. So, till then, IIMB stays grounded here? Great. Thank god they let our companies export or maybe they wont. This is a nostalgic reminder of our frog in the well attitude a few years back!

Indian Express follows up 1, 2

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LI said...

Onething that ensures the quality of management education in IIM or anywhere is the mode of entry of applicants i e how the applicants are selected?In this case HR ministry has a point. It does not make much sense to impart education to foreigners (which again is not clear )when there is so much demand here back in India. May be what the institutes of excellence like IIM B should focus on is to develop industry linkages through MDPs and academic linkages through foreign collaborations so that focus remains on the quality of education and not from where the input is given.